St.Paul Municipal Seed Cleaning Association

About Us

St. Paul Municipal Seed Cleaning Association is a cooperative business that is owned and operated by local producers and includes more than 800 members. We provide quality seed processing combined with diversified services that economically enhance the viability of customers' businesses.

Our goal is to service you, the farmer. Our products and services include:

  • Cleaning cereals, pulses and pedigreed seed
  • The custom application of seed treatments
  • Retail outlet for pedigreed cereal, pulses, forages and grass seeds
  • Retail outlet for feed products
  • Retailers for Pioneer Hi-Bred canola, corn and inoculants
  • Exporting commodities internationally


The Association of the St. Paul Seed Plant was formed in 1954, with 7 farmer and 3 municipal officials that represent the Board of Directors. The wooden structure Plant was built in 1957. Following a fire in 1981, the Plant needed to be rebuilt.

The new steel structure, as it is today, was built in 1982. The St. Paul Municipal Seed Plant Association has been in service for 50 years.

This is a 100% farmer owned operation through shareholder capital of which there are approximately 800 shareholders.

St.Paul Municipal Seed Cleaning Association Ltd.

St.Paul Municipal Seed Cleaning Association

St. Paul's also serves area farmers, offering a wide variety of horse, poultry, hog and beef feed along with pet food. Products not in stock can also be specially ordered for customers.

St.Paul Municipal Seed Cleaning Association