St.Paul Municipal Seed Cleaning Association


Processing Capabilities

colour sorting Color Sorter - Newly added, sorts by vertically slide of grain between two cameras that signal air injectors to blow out the selected rejects.

The color sorter uses 2048 pixel visible camera sensors and high-resolution infra-red sensors to determine the purity of input product on the basis of color, shape or other optical properties.

Defective items and foreign materials are identified and separated from the product stream. Optical separation adds great value to a variety of commodities: pulses, grains, seeds, rice, beans, or nuts.

Our satisfied customers confirm that the color sorter is a great investment not only to the plant but also to the growth of agricultural community.


Gravity table - uses a stratification process ; the grain creates a curtain on a sloped shaking table, air is pushed through the curtain of grain almost suspending it; then it pushes more light kernels to ride the surface and be removed on the bottom and of the table. Works well on ergot and other light product removal.

Debearder / Polisher - breaks the beards off barley, polishes and clips tails on oats

Scalper Aspirator - removes rocks, straw and clumps with a rotary screen and wind separation

Indent Machine - primarily separates grain by length from short to long, works well to remove wild oats and wild buckwheat

Air and Screen Machine - separates by running product over a selected screen size, then uses air tunnels to pull out the light debree and kernels.(Scalps and Sifts all products)

St.Paul Municipal Seed Cleaning Association Ltd.

St.Paul Municipal Seed Cleaning Association

St.Paul Municipal Seed Cleaning Association

colour sorting
Oats with Ergot - Clean Oats, Color Sorter Processing